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- about us -

Started in 2021 with goals to make music education more accessible for young students, Tenor Music is a unique volunteer program that offers a rewarding and engaging experience for participants.


Currently based in Dane County, Wisconsin.


As musicians, we understand that professional private lessons can be a pricey investment, especially when a student is unsure of whether or not they will be making a long-term commitment to playing the instrument. This is even more important to consider when a student plans to participate in their high school music program, which tends to be more challenging. Students and their families may find a need for extra guidance to keep up, but may be reluctant to invest in professionally-taught private lessons if the student has no plans to pursue music beyond school programs. Because of these concerns, with Tenor Music, we present an educational opportunity for students at no cost. Through this program, students may be able to make decisions on whether or not they wish to continue pursuing music as they gain more knowledge about the subject. As students improve, the community will benefit from seeing more prepared, more advanced, and more enthusiastic students joining various music programs.

- instruments offered -

Many more instruments will be offered with availability.




- meet the team -

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Seoyoung Min

Program Coordinator


Eun Seo Lee

Assistant Program Coordinator

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