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More about the program can be found on the information documents linked on the "links" page of this website.

What is the application process?

The application process differs for students and tutors.


  1. complete the Tenor Music Student Application form (written or typed)

  2. complete the Tenor Music Student Waiver of Liability and Indemnification Agreement

  3. send/attach both completed forms in one email to

  4. wait for an email back from Tenor Music that will confirm acceptance


  1. complete the Tenor Music Tutor Application Form

*For tutors, no further steps are necessary until the Application Form is approved.*

Plans for post-pandemic?

Unfortunately, nothing is definite at the moment. However, it is likely that we will offer a choice between virtual and in-person lessons. Because currently, there is no set restriction on who can and cannot participate in Tenor Music based on their location in Wisconsin, transportation may prove to be an issue with in-person lessons. Our tentative plan is that tutors and students alike will be individually asked which method of learning they prefer and as often as possible (though dependent on the scenario), we will try to accommodate preferences to the best of our abilities.

How long is each "cycle"?

The end of each "cycle" marks the time when tutors submit their Lesson Records and families of students submit the Validatory Records. Each cycle is one month, so at the end of every month, tutors and families of students will submit the forms identified above.

Are there "cuts" for tutors?

Yes. While we fully believe in everyone's musical skill, the task of teaching another requires a certain level of musicality, and because of this, some tutor applications may not be approved, or at least for the time being. Situations may also call for the firing of tutors. Because we understand that tutors are young as well, we will try our best to stay away from such procedures, but a continuous lack of responsibility may result in tutors being fired.

Who can apply to be a student?

Tenor Music currently focuses on teaching primary (elementary) school students and intermediate (middle) school students in grades 3-8. Method of schooling does not matter as long as the student is in the specified grade range.

Who can apply to be a tutor?

Tenor Music is currently accepting tutor applicants who are in high school (defined as in grades 9-12). Method of schooling does not matter as long as the applicant is in the specified grade range. More detail about musical qualifications can be found on the Tutor Information document.

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